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We’ll definitely have to tune in!

Few things about General Hospital’s Esme can surprise us anymore. Ryan’s daughter? Sure. Survives what seemed to be a fatal encounter with Ava to come back from the dead pregnant? Of course! Heck, we wouldn’t be surprised if she actually is the Hook and not just copying them!

But when Avery Kristen Pohl took to her Instagram stories over the weekend to answer questions from fans, she did manage to give us a shock.

One viewer, you see, asked if the actress had any other talents like dancing or singing.

“I haven’t danced much since starting GH,” Pohl shared, “but I did ballet for about 16 years! Hoping to get back into it soon! As for singing, I’m definitely not a singer, but Esme might have a little tune for you guys coming up soon.”

Of course, whether that’s literal or not remains to be seen. Esme seems more the jailbird than songbird type. Actually, despite her brief escape, you could say that she’s Nikolas’ jailbird right now! So we can imagine that the tune she could be singing involves telling the world (or at least Port Charles) that she’s alive and Nikolas has been keeping her prisoner in Wyndemere!

Nikolas learns Esme is alive GH

Oh, maybe it’ll be a duet!

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Then again, songsters on soaps aren’t anything new — plus, there was that time One Life to Live did a musical episode! And if Big Bird could sing about how blue he was when he was caged, we don’t see why Esme couldn’t as well.

Er, not that those two characters have anything remotely in common. With that said, Esme is still human, and she does have feelings. That’s something else Pohl made clear when another fan asked her how she showed her character’s vulnerable side.

“I think we all as humans have our insecurities,” Pohl responded, “and for the most part we try to not let them show. For Esme more specifically, she has found a way to use a lot of her insecurities to her advantage (like sharing some of her past with Spencer), but I do believe she is an incredibly vulnerable individual.”

She went on to explain, though, that Esme’s “sense of entitlement keeps her going. But being an expecting mother will hopefully show some more cracks in Esme’s armor.”

So hey, maybe those cracks will be enough to get a song or two out of her! We guess we’ll just have to keep watching to see just how this little tease goes down.

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