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She may have just made a fatal mistake!

Things are about to get dire for General Hospital’s Willow. Her leukemia battle has been an uphill one from the start, and now it’s progressing to stage IV. That’s as dire as it comes and while it’s still treatable, the chance of it becoming terminal is terrifyingly high.

And that’s why, according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Willow and Michael decide it’s time to track down her family. About her only option left is a bone marrow transplant, and finding a match is far more likely in a relative.

As Katelyn MacMullen puts it, “They’re like, ‘ OK, I think it’s time to find my birth parents.’”

Those are the words we’ve been waiting to hear for ages, but there’s one person who they’re likely to send into panic mode: Carly. And to make matters worse, Michael and Willow aren’t going at the search alone. Because once Drew gets wind of it, he decides he’s lending a hand too!

“Willow is super into it,” says MacMullen to Digest, “because she thinks the more people on this, the better.”

And under normal circumstances, that would be true. But in this case, Michael digging into Willow’s parents is one thing, but once Drew starts helping them, his new girlfriend probably won’t be nearly as excited.

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It’s time to find her family. Together. Unless Carly undermines them…

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Carly’s kept her mouth shut up to this point, but when virtually everyone she cares about is searching for Willow’s family, she’s going to need to make a choice.

This could give Carly an out, if she was smart enough to not just take it, but make it work. She could speed up this whole search and point everyone in the right direction, becoming a hero for helping them find out the truth about Nina and Willow and saving

But that’s a longshot. Instead, it seems like she’s just about up against the wall with two options: Keep her mouth shut and risk Willow dying if they can’t find her family in time or just flat out reveal the truth and earn the wrath of everyone involved for keeping the secret for so long.

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Actually, there are three options, and the third would be to use Drew to undermine the search and prevent the Nina/Willow connection from ever coming out. But even Carly wouldn’t be that vindictive towards Nina, right? Right??

Buckle up, folks, because this could get messy.

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