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It’s been a longtime coming and now the truth will finally be told — or will it?

General Hospital fans have been waiting for a “Sprina” reunion of sorts ever since she learned from Cameron that the letter Spencer had written actually contain a confession of how he really felt about her — and now viewers are going to get to see that moment play out when Trina heads to Pentonville to pay Spencer a visit.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Tabyana Ali gave a peek into how the scene is going to unfold when the two finally clear the air. Though Trina was shocked by Cam’s admission, it was a “moment of clarity for her to, like, see what her feelings really are,” even after all of the things Spencer has done in the past. But in the end, she just needs answers and needs to know where they go from here.

At the Savoy, a divider separates Spencer and Trina. He holds his love letter to Trina, as she smirks

When they come face to face, “she’s really happy to see him” and “really happy to see that he’s okay and alive and not beaten up,” Ali previewed.

However, during their conversation, it will be apparent that there are still a lot of things left unsaid. Given everything that’s happened, Trina is “definitely guarding herself” but viewers will see that guard come down a bit in order to get to the bottom of their relationship.

And when it comes to the fans — and what she really thinks about Trina and Spencer — Ali expressed, “I appreciate the “Sprina” fans so much and I’m really in the boat with them!”

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While we may be getting that much-anticipated face-to-face, we’ll have to wait to see if one or both of them at last take the plunge and admit the feelings that they’ve been trying to hide for what seems like a lifetime!

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