GH Rundown for the Week of January 11.

Lulu and Sam were of course saved by the men in their lives last week, but wouldn’t it be nice if the women of Port Charles didn’t need to be saved all the time? I had to laugh that Lulu went to work the day after she almost blew up because Maxie had the day off. You’d think Maxie would allow her friend, who was taken in her place, one day to regroup. And as hard nosed as Kate can be, she probably would have understood if Lulu called in for a mental health day.

Carly is really the only one who checked on either Lulu or Sam after their near death experience. Okay, Maxie gave Lulu a handbag out of guilt, but Luke and Tracy were nowhere to be found, and Nikolas and Elizabeth, who both interacted with her last week, didn’t even ask if she was okay. Likewise for Sam, Alexis and Kristina, who were supposedly so worried about her, didn’t so much as make a phone call to see if she was alright in the aftermath. Lucky was the only one to address the incident with Sam and all he did was yell at her, as if Jason choosing her over Lulu was her fault. As Jason so sweetly told Sam, there was no choice and Lucky really should have understood that and given Jason credit for calling Dominic to rescue Lulu when he couldn’t.

Speaking of, I was so hoping to see Dante give Lulu a little more TLC. They had the one scene on Tuesday where Dante confessed he was shook up from the explosion as well and they kissed, but I really wanted more. Hopefully it’s coming.

To further elaborate on Dante, he usually acts so aloof and even keeled, which made his going off on Olivia all the more riveting. It was great to finally see him explode and show his frustration and anger over her behavior towards his job and safety. Which makes the anticipation even greater for when he learns the whole truth about Sonny. There’s going to be some serious fireworks and I think Olivia just might deserve Dante’s wrath.