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R.I.P., Willow?

Now that General Hospital has revealed that Willow’s leukemia had advanced to stage four, the chances of the cancer spreading to other areas of her body are increased exponentially — and her chances of pulling through, decreased. For a while now, we’ve been predicting that things could become so dire for Michael’s sweetheart that Carly would be forced to disclose her connection to Nina, so that Port Charles’ pariah could donate blood, or bone marrow, or something. (Hey, we’re no more a doctor than Heather Webber is!) But what if we’ve got if Nina, for some reason, can’t save the day? Then who could?

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A Deal With the Devil

Since Nelle and Willow are sisters, the “late” vixen might be able offer up whatever her ex’s new love needs… for a price. Imagine if Nelle were to crawl out of the woodwork just as Michael & Co. were bracing themselves for the impossible task of — gulp — saying goodbye to Willow. If the wanted woman proved to be the miracle that they needed, surely they’d agree to drop all the charges against her, right?

Yes, we know it doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. But remember, in Port Charles, doing a good deed is basically the equivalent of a Get Out of Jail Free card. (Right, Sonny?)

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Hey, Wait a Minute… !

At that point, General Hospital could pull the rug out from under us yet again, by having Willow survive only long enough to bring her and Michael’s baby into the world. Crushing, sure. But it would also open up a very strange opportunity, for Nelle to demonstrate that she is capable of real change.

Suppose the supervixen had learned from her mistakes. Suppose she was ready to accept that sometimes striking back isn’t the smartest way forward. She might actually prove to be a comfort to Michael. In turn, he might be shocked to find that — gasp — he kinda likes this new Nelle. In the end, they could accidentally wind up in the very relationship that she once sabotaged.

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