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We may be in for as big a shock as Sonny.

These days, General Hospital fans might be hard-pressed to remember when Nina was the sort of unstable Rip Van Winkle who would fake paralysis to hold on to a man and induce labor in a mother-to-be so as to obtain the child she felt she deserved. Sure, Nixon Falls was a step backward, but all things considered, it was a baby step. Or so it seemed…

Now, however, we’re wondering if we’ve got Nina all wrong. As she spies on Willow and TJ, drawing altogether incorrect conclusions, Sonny’s moll is coming off more like the schemer that she once was than the Ms. Nice Gal that she has for so long insisted that she is. And this week, as the “secret” that she’s dying to reveal slips off the tip of her tongue, setting off all kinds of aftershocks, she may find it increasingly difficult — maybe impossible — to convince even Sonny that every outfit that she owns pairs well with a halo.

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“You’re not gonna believe this, but… ”

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Bad to the Bone?

Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if Nina turns out to be a conniver through and through. Maybe it wasn’t nurture that transformed Nelle into such a hellion but the nature that she inherited from Mom. Nina will surely argue with Sonny that she only feared that Michael would be hurt by Willow’s “infidelity”; otherwise, she’d never have mentioned it. But will Nina’s boyfriend buy that?

Michael tried to have Nina sent to prison, and together with Willow, he did bar Wiley’s grandmother from having any contact with the moppet. So Nina hates these people and would love nothing better than to hurt them the way that they’ve hurt her. The fact that, unbeknownst to any of them, Nina and Willow are mother and daughter is just the icing on the cake — a whole lotta drama to come!

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “15049” – "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christopher Willard)CYNTHIA WATROS, CHLOE LANIER

“Oh, Mama, no. Bad girls don’t cry.”

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Carly’s Victory Lap

If the tide turns against Nina, you can bet that Carly will be first in line to celebrate her nemesis’ reversal of fortune. Of course, the former Mrs. Corinthos’ chorus of “nya nyas” would be cut short when it was revealed that she had been withholding from both Nina and Willow the info about their family tie. Presto change-o, Nina could then use Carly’s treachery to draw attention away from her own stirring of the pot.

What do you think? Is Nina a saint, a sinner or somewhere in between?

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