Holly feels guilty GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

It’s not over until it’s over.

Walking on the wrong side of the law is nothing new to General Hospital’s Holly. When she first hooked up with Luke, in fact, she was a professional grifter. She’s also dabbled in jewel theft, demanded a payout for a life-saving antidote and had her share of “Bad Holly” moments.

But she was never truly that horrible. (We like to think the encephalitis antidote thing was just temporary insanity.) If nothing else, she wasn’t working with someone as dangerous and vile as Victor Cassadine. That’s not something she can say now, though, as she’s returned to Port Charles to do his bidding.

But one thing Emma Samms wants to make clear, she says in the most recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, is that “Holly is tortured.”

In fact, the actress has been doing everything she can to get that point across onscreen.

She doesn’t want to be helping Victor. She doesn’t want to manipulate Robert. She doesn’t want to betray her loved ones. Unfortunately, Holly just doesn’t have a choice in the matter as Victor holds his mysterious hostage over her head.

And since she’s been forced into this untenable situation, the stress she’s enduring is, at times, unbearable. Her kidnapping amnesia story is flimsy, at best, but it’s all Holly has to hold onto. Sometimes that may even cause her to snap and lash out in ways that aren’t necessarily in service of Victor’s agenda.

“I know that the audience is going to go through this massive roller coaster of, ‘We love her, we hate her, we love her, we hate her,’” Samms confessed. “And that’s fun!”

But she also realizes that it can be frustrating and could cost her some fans.

She just wants the audience to stick it out, “that they don’t switch off, going, ‘Oh, it’s Bad Holly. We don’t like Bad Holly.’ I just want them to hang in there.”

The story is just beginning, so please, fans, hold on. Because, she promised, “There are a lot of twists still to come.”

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