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Is there more to the story… or are they rewriting history? 

When General Hospital‘s Elizabeth finally confronted her parents in an effort to figure out what the heck’s been going on with her, the nurse got more than she bargained for. After trying to rationalize their decision to abandon Elizabeth, Jeff and Carolyn were eventually forced to come clean.

According to them, Jeff had an affair with Finn’s wife, Reiko, when both families were living on the Mariana Islands. After Elizabeth caught her father with his lover, she confronted Reiko and, during the confrontation, Finn’s wife tumbled down the stairs. The resulting injuries required Reiko to have a blood transfusion, and it was that transfusion which resulted in her contracting and eventually dying of Blackwood Syndrome.

Jeff and his wife went on to explain that they kinda-sorta brainwashed Liz and then sent her to live with the neighbors while they globe-trotted, believing that it was better to abandon her than have their presence trigger memories about the tragic incident.

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As the events unfolded, we credited the show with having come up with a twist we dubbed “clever.”

Except, as fans were quick to point out, it was actually a total rewrite of Reiko’s story, which was established soon after Finn’s introduction. At the time, we were told that Finn, while researching a cure for Blackwood, accidentally exposed his wife to the disease. In fact, he’d been living with the guilt of having caused her death for years.

Insert us smacking our heads and saying “D’oh,” Homer Simpson style.

Homer Simpson D'oh

Followed by the internet letting us know just how big a mistake we’d made.

“They rewrote how [Reiko] got infected and died to make Elizabeth’s long-awaited reunion [with her parents] all about Finn,” tweeted Kimberlee Dolan. “I don’t see how it’s clever.”

In fact, as she points out, the storyline did exactly what many Elizabeth fans feared would happen from the start: It turned a Liz-centric story into one about Finn.

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“Unless we are going to be told that Finn lied from day one, it’s not clever at all,” chided Leslie B.

The question now becomes whether there’s more to the story, which might somehow explain what seems like a glaring rewrite of history. Could Finn perhaps have been involved in the surgery and blood transfusion which resulted in Reiko’s death?

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