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We’re talking the ultimate endgame here.

There’s no way around it — Alexis has been with many men in her years on General Hospital. That makes choosing the one, true love for her a bit difficult. Though, to be fair, the fact that a lot of them end up, well, dead, doesn’t exactly help either!

That’s something Nancy Lee Grahn joked about on a recent Facebook Live Q&A she did.

“I don’t know what it is about” Alexis, she admitted when talking about her track record of dead exes, “but I think as long as they don’t consummate… I think once they consummate it, then they die.”

As for Gregory’s chances of surviving, she joked, “If we don’t do anything — nothing below the waste, he might live. He’s a wonderful, lovely man.”

But surviving isn’t the sole indicator of whether they’re a great match, lovely man or not! Because ultimately, he’s not who Grahn thinks Alexis should end up with. That honor goes to perhaps her most famous ex — and no, we’re not talking about Julian, sorry!

Just the week before the Q&A, she noted, she and Maurice Benard “we were on the set and we were saying that when and if the show ends, that it’ll turn out that Sonny and Alexis marry each other. That they end up together.”

Sonny tells Alexis his hopes General Hospital

“Do you think we should practice the bra thing now? Just to give my arthritic hands a chance, of course.”

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“We’ve been on forever together,” Grahn continued, “and they’re both kind of peas in the pod in a certain way.”

The whole last episode, she added, would be “another love scene, which would take the whole hour because it would take an hour for him to undo Alexis’ bra with his arthritic hands and for us to use our walkers to get to the bed.”

In other words, for those worrying about General Hospital ending anytime soon, it sounds like Grahn’s not planning on it going anywhere for many, many years!

On a more serious note, though, Grahn explained that when it comes to Alexis and Sonny, “She’s not afraid of him. The two of them know each other so well. There’s just no bulls***. It just is what it is. And neither one of them is trying to get something from the other person.”

The same goes for the actors too, of course.

“Maurice and I kind of have that vibe in real life. We’ve worked together for 27 years. It’s easy. It’s really easy.”

So there we go. In 40 years or so, if General Hospital is going off the air, an elderly Sonny and Alexis will make love. And from the way Grahn describes it, that may be the final night of love making they ever get…

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