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Say it isn’t so!

Since General Hospital unleashed The Hook on Port Charles, approximately a bazillion theories have been floated as to the killer’s identity. Who, we’ve wondered, would want to pick off everyone in Trina’s orbit? Then it hit us like the proverbial ton of bricks. What if the answer had been right under our noses the whole time? What if the answer… was Trina?

We know, we know — that sounds crazy. Trina is the embodiment of love and light. She’s hardly the type to run around hacking at people — and certainly not people she loves, like Ava, or likes, like Diane. The thing is, we may be the last to find out that Portia’s daughter isn’t in her right mind. Consider…

If, has been theorized, Trina isn’t Taggert’s daughter but Curtis’, she might have inherited the schizophrenia that prompted Marshall to play dead for all those years. And if she isn’t in control of her mind, her body, her behavior, she could be doing things that under ordinary circumstances, she never would.

Spencer at Trina's trial GH

Mind… blown.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Plus, there is the fact that we know that The Hook is the rare slasher who’s a woman. It isn’t Esme, since there’s way too much story to tell with Nikolas and her pregnancy. And so far as we know, Nelle’s return was a one-off spectral appearance. That leaves… Trina.

We’d agree with you that no way, no how would the show write into a corner a character like her with such a bright future and important role to play. But if Trina is the killer, she wouldn’t be written into a corner; her mental illness would be her Get Out of Jail Free card. (Hey, if the brain tumor defense worked for Franco, schizophrenia could certainly get Trina off the… ahem, hook.)

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