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Credit: ABC Screenshots

Finn didn’t do himself any favors.

For many General Hospital fans, the episode which aired on Monday, October 31, was downright cathartic. After more than two decades, Elizabeth finally confronted her parents and, to put it bluntly, read them for filth. Thanks to well-scripted scenes and the incredible performance of Rebecca Herbst, the scenes allowed Liz to finally lash out at dad Jeff and mom Carolyn (the latter of whom we’d never actually seen before).

So what was it about the episode that had many viewers upset? Two things, actually.

First, there were the scenes unfolding at the same time between Heather and Finn. As the doctor reluctantly treated his girlfriend’s former mother-in-law, Heather unleashed a slew of nasty remarks about Elizabeth… almost none of which caused Finn to so much as flinch, let alone defend his lady love.

Worse, when Heather made a far-less offensive remark about Anna, Finn immediately jumped to defend his ex.

Needless to say, Liz fans were not amused.

For others, even as Elizabeth was earning cheers for eviscerating her absentee parents, one moment brought many jeers: During the tirade, Elizabeth once again credited Franco with helping to inspire Jake’s artistic side. Why was this simple mention so irksome? Because, as Liz fans have pointed out over and over, she was established as an artist long ago.

Why credit a stepdad as opposed to the mother with whom he shares a biological connection and from whom he might well have inherited his artistic abilities?

Despite these complaints, the overwhelming majority of viewers were thrilled by the episode and anxious to see how Elizabeth’s story plays out in the days and weeks to come. They also praised Herbst’s performance, suggesting she might well have just earned herself next year’s Emmy.

Perhaps Elizabeth’s parents should check out the below photo gallery to find out everything they missed in their daughter’s life.