GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Kelly Thiebaud as Britt Westbourne. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
Credit: ABC

“I did not expect that reaction from everyone!” 

Sometimes, taking to social media in order to share something personal can backfire in the worst possible way. It’s safe to say that the internet in general, and Twitter in particular, isn’t always the kindest of places. Fortunately, General Hospital‘s Kelly Thiebaud found nothing but love and support after revealing that she had issued herself a personal challenge.

“It’s been two weeks since I’ve had a drink,” she told Twitter followers. “Not a big deal for most, I’m sure, but for me, it is. I’m interested in what life’s like without alcohol.”

The Station 19 regular went on to add that she was doing this during a time of year which, for many of us, typically involves a bit of imbibing. “I’m doing Halloween sover for the first time in I din’t even know how long,” she admitted. “Let’s see how much fun sober Kelly can be!” Then, she added with a laughing-so-hard-it’s-crying emoji, “Or how much I can tolerate!”

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What followed can only be described as an outpouring of love and encouragement as followers cheered Thiebaud on from the cybersideline. And those props did not go unnoticed. “Thank you for all the love and support,” the clearly moved star later tweeted. “I did not expect that reaction from everyone. You’ve given me more focus and motivation to keep going.”

The Twitterverse truly showed how beautifully it can work as a community, with many sharing their own stories as well as advice on how to cope with some of the challenges the actress would no doubt face in the days ahead.

“The first couple weeks are the most difficult,” tweeted @profaxe. “I took a yearlong break in 2016-17 and couldn’t believe how easy it was after the initial adjustment.”

In response, Thiebaud admitted that the past few days had been “difficult. I love coming home and having a nightcap after a long day. Now, I’m finding different ways to unwind.”

As for what was behind the decision, Thiebaud admitted, “I just need a change. I want to feel better and see who I am without it. I was definitely abusing it.” Soon after, she added, “I don’t think I have a problem, but it’s definitely gotten out of control.”

With Thiebaud set to exit the show in the weeks ahead, take a look at the gallery below in which we track which other General Hospital stars either have or soon will checked out of the much-loved soap.