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It was a big week for the actor and his family!

Talk about timing! Even as General Hospital‘s Chase was accidentally baring his body to Olivia, portrayer Josh Swickard was revealing some pretty big news via his Instagram feed. Posting an adorable pic of himself with wife Lauren and their daughter, Savannah Kaye, the actor — grinning from ear-to-ear — shared that their family was about to expand.

“We are having another baby!” he declared, his choice to type in all caps followed by multiple explanation points illustrating just how excited he was. “Feeling so grateful to be on this journey again!”


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He followed that up with the hashtag #2Under2 which, as any parent can tell you, means that before long, he and Lauren will be raising two children, both of whom will be under the age of two.

Needless to say, fans and co-stars were thrilled by the announcement. “Congrats you gorgeous people!” said Chloe Lanier (ex-Nelle), while Cassandra James (Terry) went with a squeal of “Eeeeee!” before adding her own congrats.

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Even without reading Swickard’s caption or the responses beneath it, fans looking at the photo would have been able to guess at the news. No, not just because of how happy the family looked, but because Lauren — glowing the way that only a mom-to-be can — stood posed in the traditional “Yup, we’re having a baby” pose, her hands lovingly cupping her unmistakable baby bump.

Please join all of us here at Soaps.com in extending our congrats to the Swickard family as we impatiently wait to meet their newest addition!

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