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The killer is poised to make another, ahem, point.

It isn’t just the change of seasons that’s bringing a chill to General Hospital, it’s the threat promise that The Hook will strike again. As October bleeds into November, “Alexis plays a dangerous game with the killer,” co-headwriters Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor tell Soap Opera Digest, “and The Hook has another Port Charles resident in their crosshairs.”

Wait, do hooks have crosshairs? Eh, that’s neither here nor there. Any way you slice (and dice) it, somebody’s gonna get it. But whom? Consider the possibilities below…

gh alexis rock bottom

“I picked a bad time to be sober.”

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In theory, it may sound like a grand plan to use The Invader to lure The Hook out into the open. But in practice, it could put her in grave danger. Her or someone she loves. Like, for instance…


Since Alexis’ daughter witnessed The Hook’s attack on Brando (RIP), it would make sense if the killer wanted to silence her before she could remember anything that might be, ahem, a dead giveaway.


When Brando was introduced to his maker, it sure looked like Trina’s BFF was actually the person The Hook was stalking. Since at first the killer didn’t succeed, wouldn’t he or she try, try again?

dex evan hofer shirtless

“To be clear, this is a ‘hi’ wave, not a ‘bye’ one.”

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Were the murderer to take another stab at offing Josslyn, her flirtmate could ride to the rescue, saving her life and — gulp — ending his own. (Some things, even sparks don’t protect ya from!)


Like Dex, Joss’ actual beau could find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. But the show wouldn’t really kill off both her first boyfriend (Oscar) as well as her second… would it?


If The Hook is targeting those near and dear to Trina, you’d have to figure that the young woman’s mother would be high on the villain’s to-do-away-with list, right? And if she’s at risk, so is…


Being a cop, Trina’s dad would be a hard target to take down. But then, boxing enthusiast Brando wasn’t exactly known to pull his punches, either, and look how his run-in with The Hook turned out.

gh rory blake kruse

“Me, hooked? That’s a… stretch.”

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Currently, Trina’s beau, sweet as he seems, is fueling a lot of speculation that he’s The Hook. But he could be just a red herring… and the next in line to meet an untimely demise.


We’d hardly call him “safe” in Pentonville. But ironically, surrounded by convicts, he might actually be safer than he would be if he were roaming the streets of Port Charles pining for Trina.


If it isn’t those in Trina’s sphere but Sonny’s who are in harm’s way, the individual in the greatest danger would also have to be the person that he loves most. Or most recently, anyway.

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“Another day, another crisis.”

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Though Sonny and his ex are as on the outs as it gets these days, The Hook would surely know that the don’s feelings for his former wife can’t be undone by one of their regularly scheduled divorces.

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