Liz is annoyed with Finn GH
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The day that fans have been waiting (years!) for is almost at hand.

Jeff Webber, you’ve got some explaining to do. And you, too, Carolyn. When General Hospital finally reintroduces Elizabeth’s father and introduces her mother — in the form of two very familiar faces (see who here) — they’re going to have a lot to answer for.

For starters, did it never occur to Mom and Dad that maybe Liz and sister Sarah needed them during their formative years more than Doctors Without Borders did? Where were they when Liz was trying to pick up the pieces of her life after being raped? Why were they absent on the happiest days of Liz’s life, when she got married (and married and married) and had kids?

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Liz got by with a little bit of help from her friends.

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No wonder Liz is estranged from her folks. We’ve had pet rocks in which we took a greater interest than Jeff and Carolyn did in their daughter. Jeff didn’t even have the wherewithal to show up in Port Charles to tell the backstory that gave Liz a surprise half sister in Hayden.

Now, though, there’s going to be nowhere for Jeff and Carolyn to hide. Liz doesn’t plan to see them on her and gal pal Terry’s trip to a medical conference Colorado to break into their house. Liz just wants to see if she can unearth any intel that would solve the mystery that’s been plaguing her mind. But since the show has cast two well-known actors to play Jeff and Carolyn, the odds of them all not coming face to face would seem to be between… um, let’s say… slim and none.

While looking forward to that inevitable showdown, see how everyone in Liz’s fractured family is related in our brand-new photo gallery below.