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“She didn’t understand it… I didn’t understand it until later.”

When it comes to relationships, General Hospital’s Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) laughed and stated, “That’s the Achilles heel.” The ABC soap actor opened up with Maurice Benard (Sonny) on his internet show State of Mind about his personal life, as well as a time when it meshed with his reel-life.

“I fall in love with girls,” Coloma admitted and explained, “I’m not a player, I’m not cheating on girls, I’m not having sex every night with other girls. I’m basically abstinent, not having any sex, not doing anything.”

The actor clarified that while he does go on dates, he very rarely meets a girl that he “clicks with.” However, when he does find that special someone that checks all of the boxes, he shared, “I fall in love with her and we move really fast.”

He went on to talk about the last girl this happened with and what went down while he had been rehearsing a scene where Nikolas and Ava were breaking up. “I swear I was in character,” Coloma recalled. “She just came in at the wrong time and I broke up with her.”

Of course, as anyone in her place would be, the girl didn’t understand it — or what was going on — and neither did the actor at the time. In fact, it wasn’t until later when Coloma realized what had happened.

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“I think what’s going on is I’m not trying to method act but I think just the amount of work that we get, inevitably you’ve got to be careful because it can [mesh with real-life] you know,” he shared. “I think I was Nikolas and she was Ava [laughs]. I was like, ‘You need to leave right now.’”

Then later, after he filmed the scene, he asked himself, “What happened?” and admitted, “I missed her so much after.” But it was too late and she felt like he disrespected her.

So, what does Coloma look for in a girl? Benard suggested that women should pass this test: They must like animals, children and think you’re funny, to which Coloma responded, “I think you’re on to something with that test.”

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Though Coloma may not have a significant other at the moment, we invite readers to view our gallery below filled with photos of some of his General Hospital cast and their real-life partners.

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