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It was a long — but fun — day on the beach.

On Monday, October 24, General Hospital viewers watched as Carly and Drew marked the beginning of a new chapter with a kiss on the beach in Jacksonville, Florida, and now Laura Wright has given fans a look behind the scenes at how it all went down.

“Long, fun day on the beach!” Wright shared, along with numerous photos with her co-star Cameron Mathison on the sandy set.

In the first pic, the ABC soap stars, along with a crew member, smiled for the camera, to which Mathison posted in the comments, “OMG, I love this shot… and all of them.”

And “all of them” were beautiful indeed…

If fans recall, Carly told Drew she was reluctant to head back to Port Charles because he was the best thing to happen to her in a very long time and she didn’t want to lose what they had found in Jacksonville. However, Drew assured her that he was all in and nothing would scare him away.

Carly Drew kiss GH

And last week, we alerted fans to Wright’s big “heads up” — that they would be seeing a new side to Carly upon her return to Port Charles. Not to worry though, Carly will still be Carly in a lot of ways… she’ll continue to be a “scrapper” and a protective “mama bear” but her experience in Florida was like a “divine intervention…” one that will have an impact on her future. With that said, Wright teased, “We’ll see for how long!”

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