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We’d say “patiently waiting,” but there’s been no “patiently” about it.

The October 27 episode of General Hospital could be a biggie for “Sprina” fans, as that’s the day that Spencer receives visitors at Pentonville that the latest spoilers suggest he’s going to be might glad to see. Sure sounds to us like one of them’s gonna be Trina. How about you?

Fueling our suspicion/hope is the fact that in that same episode, Trina is distracted. And what could be more distracting, right, than being involved with one guy (Rory) while wishing you were involved with another (Spencer)?

The Waiting Game

It feels like it’s been ages since Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Tabyana Ali had a scene together. But in a way, it’s brilliant of the show to keep their characters apart. General Hospital is enacting a play from the late, great Agnes Nixon’s playbook: Make ’em wait, and then make ’em wait some more!

As a result, when “Sprina” do come face to face — or better yet, lips to lips — the payoff will be all the sweeter. And does anyone not think that that day is coming? Come on. The show didn’t spend all this time building them up as a couple-to-be not to eventually make them a couple.

spencer trina near kiss

Holding Out for a Hero

What’s more, evidence has been mounting that Trina’s dating a serial killer. (Read the latest here.) Which could set up a scenario in which Spencer rides to the rescue just as the object of his affections is realizing that Rory isn’t the Officer Nice Guy that he appears to be.

You would think that that, once The Hook has gotten the axe, it would mean smooth sailing for the would-be sweethearts. But we have a feeling that General Hospital has another obstacle lying in wait to spring on the couple.

esme spencer kiss GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode "14853" - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Craig Sjodin)NICHOLAS CHAVEZ

You Again?!?

We all know that Esme is alive and well. And while her and Spencer’s relationship, such as it was, is a thing of the past. It could also be a thing of the future. Doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to picture Victor, for some wacky Cassadine-y reason, insisting that Spencer marry Esme so as to prevent the world from learning that Nikolas knocked up his son’s girlfriend.

Kinda silly? Sure, considering how much blood the Cassadines have on their hands and how much bigger scandals they’ve endured in the past. But totally believable, no?

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