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It was fun while it lasted.

General Hospital may have thought that it was only giving Carly a new love when it paired her with Drew. But what ABC’s soap has really done, by making the couple official, is set the stage for Sonny and Nina to break up. Why? How?

“No, sweetie, this was never just about us.”

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Think about it. Does the dimpled don ever want his ex-wife more than when she’s with someone else? No. It drove him bonkers when she was with Alcazar, Sonny had fits when she was with Jax, and the mobster seduced her right out from under Franco!

Whether Carly will succumb to the charms of her former husband is TBD. His lingering feelings for Nina — and subsequent rehookup with her — hurt Carly badly. She might understandably prefer to hand over her heart for a while to someone safe and solid like Drew.

Sonny shocks Nina GH

“But… but I got the final rose.”

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Whad’ya Mean, ‘Pass’?

In the meantime, though, Sonny will likely self-sabotage his relationship with Nina. If he obsesses over her aloud a few times too often, or tries to find ways to insert himself into her life, his new girlfriend would surely cry foul. She understands that Sonny and Carly will always be connected, owing to their kids. But connected and intersected are two very different things!

Even if Carly keeps Sonny at arm’s length, his increased efforts to hover around her would tick off Nina royally — and understandably. She might start confiding in her own ex, Valentin (setting the table for yet another storyline shakeup?). But before Sonny could get around to dumping Nina to better his chances with Carly — assuming he has any — and before Nina could get around to giving Sonny the heave-ho… kaboom! The other shoe would drop.

“We’ll look back at this and laugh… someday.”

Hello, Detour!

Imagine that that’s when it comes out that Willow is Nina’s long-lost daughter — and Carly withheld that secret all this time! Suddenly, Sonny might not feel like he can leave Nina, not while she’s reeling from this double whammy. He’d also be pissed at Carly for being so vindictive and cruel. First, she kept Nina from Nelle, and now Willow, too? Not cool.

In her rage and upset, Nina might then show Sonny the door, marveling that for all the harm the Corinthoses love to say that she did them, they have been just as or even more terrible for her! What do you think? En route to the comments…

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