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Love is in the air… and the sheets.

The week of October 24, General Hospital is putting one new couple to, ahem, bed. But it’s not sparring partners Cody and Britt or flirtmates Josslyn and Dex, nor is it Carly and Drew going from friends to friends with benefits. Chase and Brook Lynn are finally going to give in to their feelings for one another and make love.

A Date They’ll Never Forget

The tryst begins, Soap Opera Digest reports, when the sweethearts go out for a night on the town. When Brook Lynn watches an interview in which the Frisco-in-the-making calls her his muse, she melts. “Hearing how Chase sees her,” co-headwriter Dan O’Connor says, “further cements their relationship in her mind.

“It’s only natural that they take their relationship to the next level,” he adds. Which they do when, after returning to the Quartermaine mansion, they tiptoe into her bedroom.

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “14979” – "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Troy Harvey) JOSH SWICKARD, AMANDA SETTON

Afterglow or Aftermath?

Of course, taking this next step is one thing for Chase and Brook Lynn. Continuing to walk side by side is quite another, especially for a couple as different as these two. “Chase is one of the moral compasses of the show,” O’Connor points out, “and Brook Lynn… has a little more ambiguous sense of morality.

“But,” he goes on, “opposites attract.” The question is, going forward, will that be enough to keep them together?

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