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The reel-world is very different from the real-world.

In the Tuesday, October 18, episode of General Hospital, Nikolas meet with his contractor, who was doing some repairs at Wyndemere, and warned him away from the north tower, where he has Esme locked away from causing anymore damage to his life and to those in Port Charles. However, even locked up Esme has proven to be dangerous and made Nik stop in his tracks by revealing that her biological father is alive and happens to be a very powerful man — one that knows she is alive and would destroy Nikolas for locking her up.

Esme taunts Nikolas GH

Once Nikolas composed himself, he decided to tempt fate and informed Esme that she was staying put and they would have to wait and see if her “imaginary” father came looking for her following the baby’s birth. And we all know, Ryan is a miserable creature and if he suspects that something happened to his daughter, given the fact that Esme told him her new plan to destroy the Cassadines, he’d look straight toward Nikolas… and Ryan being Ryan, well, there’s no telling what kind of destruction he’d unleash next.

Esme is expendable GH

However, in the real-world, Ryan and Kevin’s portrayer, Jon Lindstrom, couldn’t be happier in life. The ABC soap actor celebrated his 65th birthday yesterday with his wife Cady McClain (Days of Our Lives’ Jennifer; All My Children’s Dixie) by his side.

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“The smile that spread across my face from all the lovely birthday wishes I received yesterday stayed with me all the way to this morning,” Lindstrom shared. “Thank you to everyone who posted! You and Cady (note the new jacket and sweater) made it a perfect day!”

We are glad that Lindstrom had a lovely day and we can’t wait to see what his Port Charles characters, which he plays in the most kind and devious ways, has in store next.

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Would you like to see Ryan somehow come to his daughter’s rescue? Or should Esme stay locked up for good? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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