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Math is not our strong suit, but we’ve done some, anyway, and reached a startling conclusion.

Since the start of The Hook’s reign of terror on General Hospital, comparisons have been made to the 1997 slasher flick I Know What You Did Last Summer, in which a hook-wielding serial killer in a rain slicker runs around… well, doing what a hook-wielding serial killer will, with or without a rain slicker. But what if we should have been doing more than making comparisons? What if we should have been drawing conclusions?

Freddie Prinze Jr having a confrontation with a man as Jennifer Love Hewitt watches in a scene from the film 'I Still Know What You Did Last Summer', 1998. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Who wore it best? Tank-top edition.

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In the movie, a group of unusually attractive friends cover up the death of a pedestrian that they strike with their car. A year later, their stalking begins, and it turns out that their bloodthirsty tormentor is — spoiler alert — not the guy they thought they’d killed but his killer (who’d been seeking revenge for the death of his daughter).

Who wore it best? Hook edition.

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If we lay that basic plot structure over General Hospital and its Hook storyline, then the killer is clear. In the fall of 2020, Sonny offed Julian Jerome, who’d planted the bomb that left Hot Dustin and Dev pushing up daisies (and put Lulu in a coma). Who might want to strike back for that? His nutso sister, Olivia, that’s who.

“‘Nutso’? I prefer ‘crazy-esque.’”

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Lending credence to this theory is the fact that Diane said that her attacker was a woman. A lot of people have suspected Esme, but no way would the show waste a character with so much potential to wreak havoc. And a resurrected Nelle? Forget it. If she’s brought back from the dead, it will be to make “Millow” miserable and reunite with Mommie Dearest, not to go on a killing spree.

What do you think? Have we solved the mystery? On your way to the comments, check out some of your favorite stars, from Kelly Monaco (Sam) to the late, great Anna Lee (Lila) in their most chilling roles in the below photo gallery.