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“Get ready for a twist you didn’t see coming!”

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of October 17 – 21, the hook killer looks poised to strike again. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

The promo announcer teases, “Get ready for a twist you didn’t see coming!”

Willow, who has been doing her best to hide her leukemia from Michael, is hit with pain, as Olivia and Michael are by her side. Michael asks Willow if she’s okay. Will she finally be forced to tell the truth?

On the pier, it looks like Lucy is approached by the hook killer. However if the killer is tied to Trina, why would they be going after Lucy? Could this actually be someone working for Victor, who knows Lucy has betrayed him?

Anna cries to someone over the phone that Valentin is in trouble and needs their help. Lucy might not be the only one Victor has learned isn’t loyal.

In her locked room at Wyndemere, Esme grabs a candlestick and says, “You will not like how the story ends” as Nikolas has his back to her. Oh Nikolas, how could you not keep her in your sights?

Michael kicks in the door to the boat house armed with a meat tenderizer, and Olivia gets one heck of a shock.

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Video: General Hospital/FaceBook