GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Tabyana Ali as Trina Robinson. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
Credit: ABC

OK, but no matter how they’re dressed, Port Charles may need a savior soon!

Life for Trina is tough right now on General Hospital, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be getting easier any time soon. She made it through that trial, but it was far from a pleasant experience. Plus, her, dare we say, true love, Spencer’s off in Pentonville, their budding romance having never quite managed to take off.

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Then there’s the hook killer. The more attacks, the clearer it’s become that they aren’t directed towards those around Sonny, but Trina. There was Ava, Josslyn (only for Brando to get in the way), Diane, Oz the bartender — it’s looking more and more like our beloved heroine is the eye in the center of this murderous hurricane. Worse, all signs are pointing to her Spencer alternative, Rory, as the killer. (Though he may not be working alone!)

We’re pretty sure that if she isn’t already, Trina’s soon going to be longing for much simpler times. Sorry, Trina, but that’s something that just doesn’t happen on General Hospital! But at least in real-life, Tabyana Ali can reflect on bygone days back before the craziness of Port Charles — and now so can we!

After mentioning on an Instagram story that her first acting job was a Valero commercial back in 2012, the actress lamented that she used to be able to find it on YouTube, but it had disappeared. But never fear, there was a whole legion of Trina and “Sprina” fans out there ready to leap into action and an enterprising fan managed to dig it up and share it with the world!

Oh my gosh,” the actress exclaimed when she saw the viewer sharing the ad. “You are absolutely incredible!!! I can’t believe you found it so quickly!! Thank you so much!”

Not all heroes wear capes,” she wrote when retweeting, thanking the fan again and adding “You’re amazing!”

Check it out below to see an adorable, 10-year-old Ali in a Valero store excitedly picking out a sports drink. Just imagine going from those humble beginnings to staring down Esme and falling in love with an imprisoned Cassadine and a (possible probable) serial killer. (Sorrynotsorry, Rory, but you are really looking suspicious these days.)

Now that is talent.

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