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Words were said.

Back in the day on General Hospital, Sonny was still a fresh-faced newcomer to Port Charles who was a part of, as Maurice Benard noted in a recent State of Mind vlog, “the Fearsome Foursome.” There were the two friends from back in Bensonhurst, Sonny and Lois, and their loves, Brenda and Ned. They, Benard continued, were “the four who would get in a lot of trouble, have a lot of fun.”

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It was a golden era for many fans, who would, no doubt agree with Benard’s recollection that, “It was amazing.”

So naturally, he and Rena Sofer had to chat about those halcyon days playing besties Sonny and Lois when she appeared on State of Mind. But, as with most things in life, great or not, there was still a bump or two along the way.

As Sofer explained to Benard, she wants, if not needs, to always bring the best she can to every scene she does. That lends itself to an intensity that, frankly, intimidated him when they worked together.

“When you’re coming to work with me,” Sofer began, “I want you to be on the ball. I don’t want you to not know your lines.”

That’s what Sofer does, of course, so she’s not expecting anything from others that she doesn’t ask of herself. But that doesn’t mean she always gets what she wants, and when a co-star doesn’t bring that same effort, she’s not afraid to speak up. And she does not mince words. Just ask Vanessa Marcil…

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“I remember one time, Vanessa,” Sofer began, “who I love, was late. She was late to work, she didn’t show up and she was like, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I overslept.’ And she didn’t know her lines. And I just remember looking at her and going, ‘I don’t care who you do that, don’t do it with me. I don’t want that.’”

All Benard could get out was surprised, “Man!” But how did Marcil take it?

“I think it really affected her,” Sofer admitted. “And maybe she doesn’t even remember that I said that. I think it affected her because every time we ever worked together again, we worked to make our relationship deeper than what they were writing it, which I think is why it was so intense and beautiful.”

Fortunately, it sounds like it all worked out in the end. We know that it certainly did on the screen! Now all we need is Brenda and Lois to make their way back to Port Charles and see if lightning can, indeed, strike twice.

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