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What if Esme isn’t The Hook?

We may not have realized it as we were watching the October 4 episode of General Hospital, but it was a game-changer — and potentially a life-ender. Not only did it make it appear that Esme, in her familiar hood, was The Hook, but it made Ryan believe that it was his daughter who attacked the object of his obsession, Ava. You see where we’re going with this, right?

Ava gloats to Ryan GH

“Next time, I’d prefer to be killed with kindness.”

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Fatal Reaction

It takes no stetch of the imagination to foresee Ryan avenging Ava’s attempted murder by offing her assailant. That the assailant in question is, in his mind, Esme would be of no consequence. He may have feelings for his child, but he has capital-F Feelings for Ava.

Only after Ryan has sent Esme back to hell for the rare crime that she hasn’t committed would the truth come out. In this case, at least, she was innocent. So whodunit, then?

gh the hook

“C’mere, you have spinach in your teeth.”

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Bad Luck Be a Lady

We’d discover when the Hook murders continue that Ryan has killed the wrong person. We’d be reminded that everyone who’s been attacked has ties to Sonny. We’d think, “Oh, right — Sonny wouldn’t really care at all if Ava was swilling martinis in the hereafter.” And then… then we’d learn that the real Hook is — dun-Dun-DUNNN! — Nelle.

Nina’s daughter has a much bigger reason to want to stick it to Sonny’s family than Esme does. (Although going after his lawyer seems like a bit of a reach… ) And Nelle’s homicidal rampage would have to inevitably lead to babydaddy Michael and — gulp — his new love, Willow.

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GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “15051” – "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christopher Willard)KATELYN MACMULLEN, CYNTHIA WATROS, CHLOE LANIER

“What could possibly go wrong?”

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The Mother of All Showdowns

Picture the epic climax of the story, if you dare. Nelle would be about to hook Willow, who she doesn’t even know is her twin sister. Nina would happen upon the horrifying scene and, armed by Sonny in case she herself became a target, would be faced with a choice.

If she knew by then that Willow and Nelle were her long-lost children, would she save Willow, who despises her… or Nelle, for whose villainy she feels so responsible? We’d be perched on the edge of our seats waiting to find out, wouldn’t you?

Look for clues in Nina’s whole insane life story in the below photo gallery.