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“Sometimes our story isn’t that important.”

When it comes to Dr. Liesl Obrecht’s love life on General Hospital, Kathleen Gati definitely has thoughts. We recently chatted with the actress about the trouble aspects of Obrecht’s relationship with Faison, but what about Scotty? Shouldn’t they have teamed up — romantically and otherwise — to take over Port Charles by now?

“We ask that, too,” Gati laughs, “but there’s so many stories and Frank [Valentini], bless his heart, he has to make everybody happy, and he makes sure… everyone is represented, every category, everyone.”

But what could be more important than two characters with their own villain origin stories coming together after a drunken one-night stand? It’s already blossomed into a modern-day romance that even included a marriage proposal — which Obrecht should have never turned down. These two need a walk down the aisle because there is so much more to explore with Scotty and Obrecht. Will this delicious duo ever have the front-and-center romantic storyline that they deserve?

Gati praised the executive producer for “doing a great job” and that she understands “that sometimes our story isn’t that important, other stories are more important.”

For more of our exclusive chat with Kathleen Gati — including her favorite memories from her decade-long run on General Hospital — watch the video above. Then check out the photo gallery below to take a closer look at Port Charles’ favorite heartbreaker and troublemaker, Scotty Baldwin.