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Pass the aloe vera.

General Hospital has put the writing on the wall where Josslyn and Cameron’s relationship is concerned — and that writing has his name scratched out and replaced with Dex’s. “There’s definitely a physical attraction there,” Eden McCoy tells Soap Opera Digest. “But there are so many reasons that it can’t happen.”

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Which, this being a soap, only makes it likelier to happen. Even if you removed from the equation the sparks that fly between Joss and Dex, her relationship with Cam was dealt not one but two terrible blows — first, when Esme made public footage of them on their “virgin voyage,” so to speak, and second, when he withheld from his girlfriend Spencer’s secret plan to exonerate Trina. “I don’t think things ever bounced back between them after the sex tape [came out],” McCoy theorizes. “Josslyn and maybe Cam still feels so scared and so violated, and she associates being intimate with him with a scary thing now.”

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CLumsy Spencer and Rory GH

Add to that the fact that Cam kept Spencer’s plot to do what Rory couldn’t — and clear Trina’s name — and Joss feels sorta like she has a pass to do what she will. “She’s constantly like, ‘Cam did this, so it’s fine that I’m doing that,'” McCoy observes. “It’s her natural tendency, because of her guilt, to try to justify her own behavior.”

In the end, of course, Joss may not need to. The heart wants what it wants — and judging from her interaction with Dex, what her heart wants… is him. What do you think? En route to the comments, review the relationship status of all of Port Charles’ couples in the photo gallery below.