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“It’s a surprise to everyone… ” 

Talk about a Friday cliffhanger! As the end of the September 30 episode of General Hospital, Finn approached Alexis to give her an update on Diane. Well, if it will help you breath a little bit easier, we can tell you that Diane survived surgery and will next week wake up. Better still, she will slowly but surely be able to provide the local authorities information which will allow them to paint a better picture of her attacker. Especially once her dazed and confused memory allows her to recall a detail which will turn the entire investigation upside down and have many viewers doing substantial editing of their suspect lists!

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Upon awakening after surgery, Diane finds herself having to wrap her head around what just happened. “She was hooked, for heaven’s sake,” jokes portrayer Carolyn Hennesy to Soap Opera Digest. “Diane Miller can imagine a lot of things happening to her, but being a victim of a serial killer is certainly not one of them!”

Diane arrives to help Sasha GH

There are many questions surrounding Diane’s attack. Was she the intended victim, or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? If she was the intended victim, was it because of her connection to Sonny or might there have been another motive? And, of course, the biggest question of all: Who was wielding the deadly hook?

While we’ve been suspiciously eyeing Dex and Rory of late, what happens next is going to completely change the course of this storyline.

As a groggy Diane slowly but surely begins to regain her memories of what went down in Brando’s garage, Robert and Sonny are hanging on her every word. “She can remember that the serial killer had bracelets,” previews Hennesy. “They were jangling. And then she came face-to-face [with the person] and it was a woman, not a gentleman!”

Hennesy understates that, “It’s a surprise to everyone when [Diane] is adamant that it was a woman!”

Meanwhile, it’s time for all of us to go back and rethink who might be responsible. And while we don’t know about you, the fact that a particularly wicked vixen is set to return has us moving her to the top of the suspect list!

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