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“Somehow, I’m still alive.”

If anyone can understand how hard it can be to summarize soap characters’ lengthy, often bonkers history, it’s us here at In fact, sometimes, we dare say, it’s something of an art. And it’s one Nancy Lee Grahn has clearly mastered as her memoir excerpt summarizing Alexis’ General Hospital history puts us all to shame!

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The actress celebrated her 26th anniversary on Facebook with a tongue-in-cheek, yet touchingly heartfelt post about her time on her “beloved General Hospital.”

From the “fun” Alexis and Sonny had “being mowed down seven times by slow motion gunfire, usually accompanied by classical or Christmas music, depending on the season,” to that strange Sunday when her “two toddlers aged into teenagers overnight, and I accidentally on purpose ran over one of their boyfriends with my car without even having my license revoked,” Grahn summarized Alexis’ life as none others could!

And those are some of the tamer parts of it. Trust us when we say it’s worth a full read.

“It’s a gift that I have been able to and still get to do what I love to do for such a gloriously long time,” Grahn continued, switching from Alexis back to her own voice. “The enormous love and gratitude I have for ABC and Disney for allowing me the privilege of working for them is immeasurable.”

The actress, though, is very much aware that neither Alexis, nor the show, would likely exist without the support of the viewers.

“The real truth is without the support from all of you,” she concluded, “this day would not be what it is. As always, I see you and thank you.”

Of course, right now, Alexis has her hands full as she waits to find out her friend’s fate after Diane fell victim to The Hook. It’s a fraught time for not just her, but everyone in Port Charles, so it’s nice to be reminded that no matter how dark things get, when you take a step back, there’s still plenty of levity to be found — at least on a soap!

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