nicholas alexander chavez spencer
Credit: ABC screenshot

And it was totally worth it! 

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the four pictures that General Hospital‘s Nicholas Alexander Chavez shared have got to be worth at least a million — and we’re pretty sure they’re all going to be synonyms for “cuteness overload!”

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Though it’s not exactly clear where Spencer’s portrayer was when the incident happened, we do know it’s someplace where lizards have fancy dress! How do we know that? Well, because as Chavez tweeted, “I just chased a man down to kiss his iguana.”

Now, on the face of it, that doesn’t sound very… appealing. But the results were nothing short of spectacular. Just look at that tiny sombrero! This is very important to beat to the heat, of course. And the little fella leaning into Chavez’s kisses is nothing short of heart-melting.

Did we just find our next favorite internet meme to go along with cute puppies and cats pushing things off shelves? Iguana kisses!

Of course, mixed in with the near universal squeals over the cuteness was a pointed comment or two — in the best way possible!

“You busy chasing a man down to kiss his iguana,” Jasmine tweeted, “is us ‘Sprina’ fans chasing [executive producer Frank Valentini] etc. down for our ‘Sprina’ kiss.”

OK, that’s fair, but only if Spencer and Trina also get to wear cute hats when it happens. No, we’re kidding. They can wear whatever they want so long as it actually happens! Someday…

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