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Plus, the killer twist we really, really don’t want to see! 

Man, things do not look good for General Hospital‘s Diane. When last we saw her at the end of the September 23 episode, the rain-coat wearing, hook-wielding killer who attacked Ava and killed Brando appeared poised to strike again. But would the soap really do away with the character brought to such glorious life by Carolyn Hennesy since 2006?

Certainly the writers worked overtime to make it look as if Diane would be next in line. Ironically, anyone who’s ever watched The Walking Dead might recognize the warning signs. On that series, audiences know that when a formerly backburnered character suddenly has a flurry of scenes, it’s a pretty sure indication they’re about to become zombie chowder.

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In this case, Diane went from offering advice to longtime gal pal Alexis to an exposition-heavy series of scenes in which she and Sonny hashed out their recent issues. From a storyline point of view, the scenes were important in that they established that Diane is someone Sonny feels close to, playing into the theory that the victims are all people in his circle.

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The entire episode also seemed to be setting us up to continue thinking of Dex as suspect No. 1. He was there the entire time, and portrayer Evan Hofer giving Diane side-eye even as he listened in on Sonny and Diane’s pre-make up fight. Moments later, after Sonny left to take Sasha home, the hook-wielding killer approached Diane from behind.

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Frankly, we’re both fairly certain (and definitely hoping) that Dex isn’t the killer. Not only does it seem a bit obvious, but we’ve really taken to the guy (and not just because he looks good standing around the Metro Court’s pool shirtless). The idea of a Cameron/Josslyn/Dex triangle has intrigued us for ages now. Of course, there’s a whole lot of mileage to get out of Joss dumping Cameron for a serial killer that her Elizabeth’s son then has to save her from. (Even nice guy Cam would probably be tempted to say, “I told you so!”)

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Will Diane manage to survive? Spoilers for the September 26 episode — which you can read here — indicate that Alexis and Gregory are about to make a gruesome discovery, and Finn will work to save someone’s life. We suspect that life will be Diane’s… but will he manage to keep her alive? Or will Diane become the hook’s latest victim?

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