GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Johnny Wactor as Brando Corbin. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Credit: ABC

It’s time to talk about the demise of his character “in Port Charles as we know it.”

As sad is it is to face, for General Hospital‘s Brando fans, it’s all over but the crying. Well, there’s that and the murder mystery, complete with a fish hook killer with a penchant for poisoning.

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For actor Johnny Wactor, bringing Brando to life has been a dream come true, and as difficult as it may be to say goodbye, he wasn’t going to leave without letting the fans know how much they meant to him. So he recorded an emotional, heartfelt video saying farewell and shared it on Instagram.

“It’s been a couple days since the demise of Brando Corbin in Port Charles as we know it,” he noted. “And I have to tell you, I have been so blown away by the reaction from the fans. I had no idea that you guys cared so much about my character.”

And fans could hear in his voice that he truly was bowled over and touched at how upset folks have gotten over Brando’s demise and his exit. He’s gotten not just an outpouring of support, but also a slew of questions about what happened and where he’s headed next.

Sasha was far from the only one overwhelmed by Brando’s death.

“I’ve always said that the fans of General Hospital are the greatest fans in the world,” Wactor continued, “and I truly believe that. And this is just further evidence of that. Whether you were excited to see Brando Corbin killed off or outraged and have questions — man, I’m just so lucky to have been on this show.”

With his humility shining through, Brando’s former portrayer couldn’t help but marvel at having “the coolest job in the world,” and how “blessed” he was in seeing just how much the fans really, truly care. 

But is this truly the end? For now, maybe, but that may not mean forever, and Wactor is well aware of that.

“Thank you so much for letting me bring Brando Corbin to life,” he continued. “Thank you for caring. And thank you for all the support and the well-wishes for my future endeavors, whether that’s back in Port Charles at some point, or another show, or other films — which there’s some coming.”

Well, it sounds like the good news is we’ll be seeing Wactor on the big screen sooner, rather than later. And as for Brando, few things are truly forever in Port Charles! And that includes goodbyes — or so we can hope.

“Thank you, guys,” he concluded. “I’ll miss ya, and you enjoy the rest of the week.”

Check out the entire video below, as the overwhelmed Wactor had quite a bit to say as he took in all the unexpected love and heartache from his fans.

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