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Prepare to be knocked all the way out.

Tuning in to General Hospital is about to feel like you’re watching a boxing match. In the latest edition of his State of Mind vlog, Maurice Benard and on-screen son Chad Duell dropped tantalizing teasers about the explosive showdown that’s coming up for Sonny and Michael.

… and In This Corner…

Duell “kinda turned into Daniel Day-Lewis in a day,” marveled Benard. After taping the scenes, “I told the producer, ‘It’s like two fighters in a ring,’ and it was kinda like Chad for the first time… ” He was as forceful as his castmate.

“I felt like I was in a fight,” Benard continued, “and that doesn’t happen too often on General Hospital.”

A Long Time Coming

The emotional showdown was inevitable when you consider the lengths to which Michael has gone to stick it to Sonny for, in his eyes, choosing Nina over Carly and their family. If anyone else had called out the don the way that Michael has, he’d be swimming with the fishes by now.

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Carly’s son with A.J. is unremorseful, however. And in the blowout to come, he doesn’t back down from Sonny. As dominant as the mobster can be, “I wasn’t gonna allow that in those scenes,” said Duell in character. “I have your number.

“I think that’s a situation of being a man in there instead of a child,” he added, “and knowing why I’m doing what I’m doing even though sometimes Chad doesn’t like [it and] wants the storyline to be kind of done. I have to find reasons why [Michael would lash out at Sonny this way].”

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