james patrick stuart josh swickard gh mashup
Credit: ABC

The ABC soap star has an idea for his castmate — one that fans would love to see.

Those who follow General Hospital’s James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) on social media know he likes to joke around with his castmates and this time, Josh Swickard (Chase) was at the receiving end of one of his posts — and fans loved it! October is right around the corner and in case Swickard hasn’t decided what he and his wife Lauren are going to dress up as this year, his ABC pal had an idea for the married couple.

“Josh Swickard,” Stuart called out then posted a photo of a “Halloween idea” for him and his wife.

Now, for those who aren’t up on everything Star Wars, the costume idea Stuart posted, Hana Solo and Slave Leo, is the gender swap pics of Han Solo and Princess Leia.

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Fans couldn’t help but make their thoughts known, like Jill, who stated, “Umm, yes please!” Kelly McPoland appreciated “the lack of tan lines, too,” and Alicia Nogueira “wholeheartedly approve of this costume.” And though Patricia Rasmussen worried that Swickard would “catch a cold,” Ccbondgirl had a request of her own and remarked, “I would like to see Valentin in that costume.”

It’s all in fun and it’ll be interesting to see if either one of the actors — or their Port Charles characters — dare to wear the getup this holiday season!

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