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We were assumed that we had the case cracked. Then we were reminded of what happens when we assume.

Earlier this week, we were sure that we had done what the Port Charles PD so rarely has been able to and solved a mystery. (See how here.) But other General Hospital viewers have made us suddenly uncertain about our certainty. They suspect that the hook killer is someone that we hadn’t even considered: Rory.

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Does this look like the face of a hook killer to you?

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For some, it seems like mere wishful thinking — specifically, wishfully thinking that if the new cop on the beat turns out to be a psycho, it would pave the way for Trina and Spencer to finally get together. Others, however, have laid out some compelling evidence. For instance, “I keep looking at that hooker pic,” tweeted Tori O’Leary. “Looks like the hooker has dark hair. So Ryan or Rory.

“But why would Ryan wanna hurt his true love, Ava?” she continued. “Maybe he knows about her fight with Esme.” Or maybe it isn’t Ryan at all. Dun-dun-dunnn.

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Julian Brown pointed out that “everyone thinks that Rory is the hooker because Ava and Joss are both close to Trina, and he wants her for himself.

“The one thing that blows that theory up,” he added, “is that I find it hard to believe a rookie cop like him could overpower an ex-Marine.” Good point. Also, if Rory wanted to eliminate everyone who might draw Trina’s attention away from him, wouldn’t he have started with Spencer?

“I’m melting! I’m melting!”

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Christna Huffman admitted that she’d moved Rory to the top of the suspects list not because he seemed like a likely candidate but because she wasn’t all that interested in the character. “Plus, he’s a PCPD cop. General Hospital fans should know by now the cops in Port Charles can be up to no good.”

OvercomerBride observed that “with Brando on his knees, it’s hard to tell how tall the hooker rally is. His body build, however, resembles Rory’s.”

dex evan hofer shirtless

“Hey! I have that body type, too. Just sayin’.”

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This particular viewer was especially delighting in the possibility that Rory has homicidal tendencies, because if it turns out that he does, “that would mean Joss, Portia, Taggert and everyone else who thought he was better for Trina than Spencer will have to eat crow. I’m so hoping that happens.”

Who do you think the hooker is? En route to the comments, stop off at the below photo gallery to see who’s been added to our gorgeous collection of General Hospital cast portraits.