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Credit: Image: ABC

Hey, if it makes things easier, why not?!

Summer is quickly winding down and many have already taken or have recently returned from their annual vacations. General Hospital’s Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) just made her way back home following a trip to Esalen. The non-profit American retreat center and intentional community is located in Big Sur, California, and focuses on humanistic alternative education.

So, what did the ABC soap actress do while she was there?

Earlier this week, she went on a hike and came across the best “little stream” at Esalen, and, well, not wanting to get the bottom of her dress wet, as can be seen in the photo below, she explained, “Sometimes you just gotta stuff your skirt in your underwear and break in your brand new (admittedly dumb looking) hiking boots.”

However, when she was forced to leave the trip behind and get back to the real world, like many of us feel after a good vacation, her head was “still there,” so she shared an “Esalen photo dump,” featuring various shots from the experience.

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In the first, LoCicero can be seen with Big Sur’s beautiful coast in the background followed by a gorgeous view of the sunset and a few art displays. But the last photo says it all… pure relaxation, as she sipped a fruity drink amid the nature around her.

We’re glad that the actress took some time away from work for a bit and would love to hear about your summer vacations as well! Feel free to share your own adventures in the comment section.

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