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Credit: Image: John Paschal/JPI

Someday, he may get his wish.

It’s been an interesting journey for Robert Adamson as he’s moved from The Young and the Restless‘ Noah to General Hospital‘s on-again/off-again Michael — and it hasn’t necessarily run in a straight line. Over the years, he’s also directed and produced a number of shorts, and even written one. Some projects we’ve gotten to see, but others have, sadly, been lost.

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The actor shared a bit of a “passion project” on Instagram that he managed to recover from a corrupt drive. While it’s sadly just a brief snippet from a short film, it was enough to get us hooked as it gave us our fix of the talented actor.

“This was one of only two scenes salvaged from a short film I directed,” Adamson wrote on Instagram, adding that it’s “something I still remain immensely proud of. Louis Hunter was my brother, truly, through this, and gave a gut-wrenching performance.”

“Gut-wrenching,” though, barely even begins to cover the four-minute scene as Adamson and Hunter’s characters reflect on their abusive father and work through the trauma that has so clearly seared its way into their souls. Check it out below.

“I’d love to see the project through to its entirety at one point down the road,” Adamson concluded. “I honestly couldn’t even look at what was left for the longest time. But this was definitely one of the most powerful scenes from Our Last Days of Children.”

While we can’t speak for the rest of the short film, this scene was beyond powerful. We’re glad he finally went through and decided to share his work with the world.

Hopefully the actor and director is able to finish the project at some point. And General Hospital — or any of the soaps — would do well to find him a permanent place among its cast.

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