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“Networks decide to do certain things.”

It’s been five years since Ashley Jones departed General Hospital, but many fans still have unfinished business when it comes to Parker Forsyth’s relationship with Kristina Corinthos-Davis. What happened to the storyline that ABC executive Nathan Varni once promised, via Twitter, that the show was “pausing for now but hope to continue later”? Well, Jones has some thoughts about the entire saga.

First of all, she loved working with Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina), calling her “a fantastic actress” and adding that they had ” a deep connection” in real life. Looking back on “Pristina” she believes it is still “a story that just hadn’t fully been told yet.” As she told us recently, “It was a little bit salacious and a little bit unorthodox, but honestly, I think the beauty of what happened is… it was just a real bond.”

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Above: Fans were thrilled when Jones revealed she (and Parker) would return to be returning to the show back in 2017. Sadly, that visit was short-lived. 

She believes that writers created a storyline line that really resonated with the General Hospital audience. “When two people meet each other in certain periods of their lives and their lives change because of that — that’s a landmark in their life, they’ll never forget, and I guess the audience witnessed that,” Jones noted. “I think that’s the magic of that.”

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As to why fans still hold out hope for a reunion, Jones said that the show “pulled the story before it was finished, and that’s why the audience hasn’t let it go yet.” She noted that “networks decide to do certain things” but if often leads to the viewers feeling “a little bit betrayed” because they “were not fulfilled.” But she doesn’t look at it with great sadness because there is a big win here. The fans’ wish for a Parker and Kristina renaissance “is a testament to the writing and the characters that they created” on General Hospital. (And it sparked serious discussions on power dynamics and age differences in a relationship.) “The fact that we left some sort of a mark on people’s hearts or brains,” Jones said emotionally, “that’s what you hope to do as an actor.”

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