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There’s gonna be Nelle — er, hell — to pay!

General Hospital may have only intended to jolt viewers with the sight of Nelle appearing to mom Nina at her gravesite. But we suspect that ABC’s soap did a whole lot more — as in lay the groundwork for a reign of terror the likes of which Port Charles has rarely seen!

When Nelle told Nina that had they known when she was alive that they were related, “we could’ve punished ’em all” — Carly and Michael and everybody who had wronged them — a little lightbulb went off over our heads. What if Nelle is alive, right? The show wouldn’t bring Chloe Lanier back just to play a ghost, would it?


Like daughter, like mother? TBD.

Credit: ABC (2)

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So when Nelle resurfaces with a pulse, and Nina is able to reveal their connection, the schemer will no doubt suggest to Mommie Dearest that they set about wreaking havoc. That is, after all, kinda Nelle’s thing. As Nina pointed out to her vision of Nelle, having been hurt doesn’t give one a free pass to go around hurting others. Nina would have to live with her mistakes for the rest of her life.

“What’s the point in worrying about that?” Nelle asked. In her eyes, she and Nina were exactly the same. So should the hellion be raised from the grave, she and Mom should have the same diabolical goal. Nina would be reluctant to make herself an even bigger pariah in Port Charles — and potentially lose Sonny — but how could she say no to her little girl?

She couldn’t, that’s how. So the two of them could embark on a campaign of mother/daughter bonding that would lay waste to the lives of Carly, Michael, Willow… everyone who’s ever earned themself a spot on their hit list. What do you think? This is totally happening, right? En route to the comments…

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