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Are they finally about to get their act together?

It’s been a long, winding to reach official “Sprina” status on General Hospital — and we aren’t quite there just yet! Spencer’s finally decided to be open and honest and put all his feelings into a letter for the woman he loves. His timing, though, couldn’t have been worse, as she’s just made it clear that she’s chosen Rory and can’t move on with Spencer still in her life!

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As we wait to see just what becomes of that letter now that it’s in Trina’s hands, it’s hard not to point out how much of a mess the whole thing is. And it’s one that didn’t have to happen!

Why not? Well, Tabyana Ali had that answer in a recent tweet that’s worth being taken to heart by not just Spencer and Trina, but all of us.

“Honest, non-judgmental, receptive and open communication can save friendships, relationships, and family,” she tweeted. “I promise.”

Did you hear that, Spencer? We’d ask the same of Trina, but she was just kind of brutally honest with him when she said they both needed to move on.

There wasn’t, of course, a single person who disagreed with those pearls of wisdom! Though not everyone was quite all in! Smooth_Amaretto88 completely got what Ali was saying… but that didn’t really soften the blow from Trina turning away from Spencer.

“I hope Trina and her new boyfriend Rory get more horrible karma for what she’s doing to Spencer,” she tweeted.

OK, that’s harsh! Trina’s just doing what she feels is best for her own healing — even if it’s not quite what “Sprina” fans have been hoping for!

Plus, if Spencer had been more open from the start, he and Trina may not have reached this point. Their friendship and even a relationship could have been salvaged.

That’s not to say all hope is lost, though.

Spencer’s certainly trying to learn from his mistakes by spilling his feelings to Trina in a letter, but even if she hears him out and feels the same, it may be too little too late. She’s been through a lot of pain, and Rory is, if we’re all being honest, the safer option. As much as Spencer’s grown, he’s still, well, Spencer. He (and let’s face it, his entire family) comes with a lot of baggage.

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But even if his own open communication doesn’t save their would-be relationship, maybe it’s enough to build a strong friendship. And from that, who knows what might grow?

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