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Credit: ABC (3), ABC screenshot, Chris D/JPI

After the tears have dried, things may look very different.

It ain’t over till it’s over, the saying goes. And it most definitely isn’t over yet between unwitting General Hospital mother/daughter duo Nina and Willow. In the September 6 episode of ABC’s soap, the nemeses come face to face at the grave of, of all people, Nelle. What happens next could change everything.

A Fresh Start?

With Willow putting off cancer treatment to give her and Michael’s unborn baby a better chance of survival, she’s seeing life through new eyes. Knowing the possibility exists that she won’t live to raise Wiley the way that she had planned to, Willow may want a word with the boy’s biological mother, Nelle.

Nina, of course, is at her ill-fated daughter’s gravesite to lament what might have been between them, if only she’d known when Nelle was alive that they were mother and daughter. Perhaps in this moment, when both Nina and Willow are especially vulnerable, they can connect the way they have come so close to doing in the past.

Out of Heartache, Healing?

Perhaps imagining being taken from Wiley by the Grim Reaper will give Willow a fresh perspective on what Nina has been through, both losing Nelle without ever knowing that they were tied and being banished from seeing her grandson. Perhaps such a perspective will make Willow feel more forgiving toward Nina.

If so, the two of them could begin to forge a friendship that would deepen when eventually they learn that they are mother and daughter. Needless to say, such a bond would be tested anew if and when Nelle is revealed to be alive. (We already know that Chloe Lanier is back, we just don’t know if she’ll be appearing in newly created flashbacks or if rumors of Nelle’s death were greatly exaggerated.)

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