GH Rundown for the week of January 4!

Of course other things happened as well, but most of last week revolved around the Franco storyline coming to a head and I for one enjoyed it!

Just when I was starting to like Franco, it’s time for him to go. I don’t know if the dialogue got better, if the actor got more comfortable being on a soap, or if he just finally started to tone it down, but he was pretty funny and believably threatening last week. Maybe it’s best he’s going though, since crazy can really only be taken in small doses and if it’s dragged on for too long, it would just become lame, cartoonish and too boring to watch, which I don’t think it has been thus far. Even though I haven’t loved James Franco’s portrayal, I’ve always thought the story was interesting and liked how unraveled Jason became because of him.

I was really happy Carly was pretty much immediately rescued after Franco grabbed her. I mean, how many times can Carly be placed in peril? I know Sam is often in the same predicament, but Carly was just taken captive by Claudia not too long ago, it was too soon for it to happen again. It’s been longer since Jerry grabbed Sam, so I was okay with that. She had more time to bounce back.

Franco’s scenes with Jason were pretty intense, as he got Jason to open up about his past and why he killed people. I liked that Franco became enraged because Jason didn’t love killing like he did and only viewed it as a job. He relented in the end though and gave Jason Sam and Lulu’s locations, but told him he only had a few minutes before they would blow up, which meant he could only save one of them. It wasn’t much of a choice though, as Jason obviously chose the woman he loved. And why didn’t Franco realize Jason would call someone else to rescue Lulu? That person was Dante and I can’t wait to see him and Lulu have ‘Thank God I’m alive’ sex, but I digress. I’m loving all the torment Jason has been going though, but will it lead to any real epiphanies or change in his lifestyle? They constantly toy with this theme, but nothing ever changes. I don’t necessary want him to go back to med school or become one big happy family with the Quartermaines, but maybe he could legitimately work with Johnny at the shop or do something else to truly change his ways.

The best part about Franco last week though, was his scene with Sonny. He was totally spot on when he called Sonny a coward because he hid behind his bodyguards while Jason did all the dirty work. So true! And how funny was it when the two of them mused over each other’s real feelings for Jason? Hysterical. Of course, Sonny let him leave his office even though he knew Franco had evidence against Michael and then yelled at Jason to take care of him. Why didn’t Sonny just take him out himself when he had the chance? Oh yeah, because he’s a coward.