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This was a case of when two worlds collide.

General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly) and Cameron Mathison (Drew) recently sat down with Good Morning America to talk about the soap’s big 60th milestone. While chatting with the co-hosts, the stars reflected on Mathison’s wife’s guest appearance as executive coach Mia Lombardi and how Wright had offered to help her.

“If she ever wants to run lines or talk about anything, I’m available,” Wright had told Mathison — and he took her up on it. He ended up texting Wright and said, “Can you come over?” Wright was happy to and she and Vanessa hung out for the afternoon and ran lines together, to which Mathison then blurted, “I took off… I got out of there because it was a little stressful.” As everyone laughed, Wright confirmed, “He did, he was gone.”

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Mathison commended his co-star for the great job she did with Vanessa. “We had a great time,” Wright shared. “I just told her just find something in your own world that you’re amazing in and you have so much confidence and then just bring that energy to the character.”

This led to the GMA co-host asking how they do what they do — how they bring so much emotion to their face without saying anything, to which Wright shared, “We just do it five days a week and there always seems to be something tragic happening five days a week.” So, how does she get the tears going? “For me, I believe it. I believe the uncomfortable circumstances that I’m in.”

Watch the full interview to find out how Wright responded when Mathison said, “It’s not like you put drops in your eyes and make you cry. There’s rumors of all that stuff. I’m sure that’s happened but…”

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