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Sometimes it’s the actors who are the last to know.

As word began to spread that Chloe Lanier would be reprising her General Hospital role of Willow’s “late” twin sister, Nelle, the Emmy winner herself took to Instagram, dropping a photo and teasing, “See ya next week.”


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No way,” exclaimed Josh Swickard (Chase) in all caps. “Wait,” replied Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan), “what?!”

Yup, it would appear that Lanier’s comeback was a surprise to even her castmates. Fans, meanwhile, were just plain thrilled. Though Nelle made quite the name for herself as the character viewers most loved to hate, no one could deny that she certainly kept Port Charles interesting.

If the supervixen returns with a pulse — you’ll recall that Nelle supposedly died back in 2019 — amazing story awaits her. Not only has she yet to learn that Nina is her biological mother, son Wiley is now being raised by her ex, Michael, and his new boo, Willow… who just happens to be the twin sister that Nelle doesn’t even know that she has!

Plus, if Nelle discovers her connection to Nina, it’ll drop a ginormous monkey wrench into Mom’s relationship with Sonny — you know, the guy she once tried to trick into thinking that they’d schtupped! Though Carly will hardly welcome Nelle back with open arms, she’s sure to enjoy watching nemesis Nina squirm!

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