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On September 18, 1994, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor and his wife welcomed a baby girl.

It was 28 years ago today when General Hospital’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) and his wife Paula welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Cailey Sofia. Over the years, Cailey has made special memories with her dad and mom, as well as with her sisters Heather and Cassidy and brother Joshua, and to celebrate her birthday we wanted to showcase a few that the ABC soap actor has shared with fans.

Dad’s Mini-Me

Benard shared a fun collage that not only gave us a glimpse at a young Cailey but also highlighted just how much they look alike. “First of all let me explain this picture,” he stated. “Of course that’s my beautiful daughter Cailey in the middle… my mother always wanted a daughter so that’s me dressed up as a little girl in the corner.” Don’t worry readers, we thought that corner pic was Cailey too!


Fast-forward to when Cailey attended her school’s homecoming. With two handsome guys by her side, Benard asked his daughter, “Cailey, aren’t you a little old for these boys?”

Big 21st Birthday Bash

Cailey was surrounded by family and friends who helped celebrate her big 21st milestone in 2015. “Nothing better than enjoying a special night with family and friends,” Benard shared. “You all made it worthwhile. Happy Birthday, Cailey.”

Birthday Message to Dad

The following year, Benard reposted a birthday message to him from his daughter that expressed just how much Cailey loves her dad. “You’ve never been a traditional dad which is why I love you so much!” she shared, “You are hilarious and always give the best advice. You know how to have fun and growing up with you as a dad was never boring.” She went on to say that he’s her favorite person to watch TV with, “except when you fast forward all the good parts.” She also joked about the throwback photo that accompanied her post and said, “I’m not sure what’s happening with my face in this picture.” Whatever the case, we think it’s adorable!

Father’s Day Family Portrait

In the family photo below, Cailey, all grown up on the left, appeared with her siblings and parents. Benard posted the pic on Father’s Day in 2014 and expressed, “I love my family. I don’t know what I’d do without their support.”

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Dr. Oz

In 2016, Cailey, along with mom Paulina and sister Cassidy, accompanied her dad to New York City to tape his appearance on The Dr. Oz Show where they talked about bipolar disorder during the time when Benard’s onscreen Port Charles son Morgan had been diagnosed as well.

A Fun Day in New York City

And after the studio taping, Cailey spent the rest of the day in the city with her family.

Happy 24th Birthday

Though it was a day to celebrate, the ABC soap star couldn’t be there with his firstborn and shared, “Sometimes you don’t really know how much you miss your kids until you’re not around them. I can’t believe this is the first time I’m not around my daughter Cailey for her birthday.” He went on to give her props for “stepping up so much” and sent her his love.


And you could hear the catch in Benard’s voice when he made a speech following Cailey’s college graduation. “One of the only things I regret in life is that I didn’t get the education I should have,” he shared, along with a video to express just how proud he was of his daughter, who, in his eyes, “just climbed Mount Everest!”

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Here Comes the Bride

In June 2020, Cailey and her husband Carlos tied the knot — and her dad officiated the ceremony! Of his role in his daughter’s wedding, Benard stated that it “was an honor and a privilege not to mention very, very sweet.” Watch for yourself!

Happy 26th Birthday

There is one thing Benard wanted everyone to know as he celebrated Cailey’s 26th birthday later that same year, “She always has my back. And I will always protect her.”

“Incredibly Intelligent, Beautiful, Funny as Hell”

That’s how Benard described Cailey in 2021 and he went on to say, “I know as a fact she’s going to be the most incredible mother in the world. I know this isn’t enough but I love you deeply from the bottom of my heart.”

A New Mom

In 2021, Cailey, now a mom herself, made her father so happy to be a grandpa. Benard posted the most adorable video singing to his granddaughter Tiana, who he calls TT — and Cailey’s sister Heather made an appearance with her own daughter Eloise as well.

A Child Psychologist

Just look at that smile as Cailey posed with her dad in February 2022. Benard loves this particularly photo and shared that Cailey is “going to be a child psychologist, which means she’ll be taking care of her dad!”

A Family Trip to the Zoo

And the following month, fans got a peek at Cailey holding little TT before her grandpa and Aunt Cassidy talked to her about the tigers.

We wish Cailey a very Happy Birthday and hope she has a wonderful day!

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