Credit: ABC screenshot

The writing is on the wall. And also on Twitter.

General Hospital has Carly positioned right on the verge of a new relationship with Drew in its August 31 episode. And whether she decides to roll the dice and take a chance on Jason’s twin brother, we all kinda know that they’re getting together sooner or later, right? As Drew told his crush at the Quartermaines’ charity picnic, “We could try to ignore this, we could try to move on, but something tells me that it’s gonna take a lot more to make this fire go out.”

Of course, not all viewers are on board with the potential pairing. Some have even been left clutching their pearls over the fact that Carly will have hooked up with all of the Quartermaines, A.J. (R.I.P.), Jason (R.I.P.) and Drew. In response, a “Darly” shipper named Emily Mae Martinez suggested, “If you’re gonna be upset with that, you have to be upset about the following.”

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She then went on to note that Sonny slept with mother (Alexis) and daughter (Sam), Michael slept with sisters Nelle and Willow, Maxie slept with brothers Nathan and Peter, Elizabeth slept with brothers Lucky and Nikolas…

And so on. “Don’t act like y’all wouldn’t be climbing [Drew] like a tree,” Martinez concluded with a laugh, “because let me tell y’all something, I sure as hell would.”

Reading the posts, Laura Wright, who plays Carly (duh!), exclaimed simply, “This!!!” She called Martinez’s defense of “Darly” “amazing,” adding, “Lots of thoughts here.”

True that! As we march toward her future, review Carly’s past in our photo gallery of her life story.