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Credit: John Paschal/JPI

Good things come to those who are persistent.

Whether it’s by email, snail mail or by phone, it’s always nice to receive a message from a family member or friend. In the case of General Hospital’s Jon Lindstrom, the message was a bit more up close and personal than that.

The ABC soap actor posted a video and stated, “I’m getting the idea it’s close to dinner time.”

No, the phone wasn’t ringing with someone asking, “Where are you? You’re going to be late for our date,” but rather a reminder from his cat! In the video, Lindstrom and wife Cady McClain’s (Days of Our Lives, Jennifer) furbaby was saddled up next to him, chewing the pocket of his cargo shorts, clearly letting his owner know that he was either bored or hungry.

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Whatever the case was, Lindstrom reached down to pet the persistent kitty and stated, “Thank you. Thanks very much, I appreciate that.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a peek at what goes on behind the scenes in the actor’s home. A couple weeks back, he shared a sweet photo of his cat doing what cats do — taking a cat nap — all the while the family’s pup took some time out for some rest as well, to which Lindstrom remarked, “Clearly they are unaware of each other.”

And prior to that, he gave fans a look at his assistant for the day who was “ready for work.”

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But one of the most precious pics was seeing his little buddy all snuggled up with dad who had become “a cat couch” for the “third time” that day.


If you recall, a while back we got to see Lindstrom playing opposite his wife when he filled in for Matthew Ashford on Days, and though Salem’s Jack and Jennifer are a mainstay couple, there were others over the years that the soaps teased but never delivered on, which can be seen in our photo gallery below.