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Keep the tissues handy, folks.

We knew that General Hospital wanted to scare us when it had Willow elect to put off cancer treatment in order to safeguard her pregnancy. We knew that we were supposed to worry that the delay would doom her. But we also knew that the show wouldn’t really kill off Michael’s significant other.

Now we don’t know it so much as… er, hope it. On September 2, Willow makes another big decision, and if it is to stay the course and protect her unborn baby no matter the risk, we fear the deck is being stacked against her.

Carly loses everything GH


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Guest Starring the Grim Reaper?

Were Willow to die, Michael would be left at the loosest of loose ends. Translation: He’d be in line for some absolutely tremendous, emotional storyline. The tragedy might even be great enough to convince him not to waste another second squabbling with Sonny.

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In the aftermath, Michael might even swear off love. He’s already buried two girlfriends — Abby and Sabrina. Losing Willow could just break him for good — or so he thinks… until someone new accidentally slips past the walls he puts up to remind him that his heart is still beating.


“Not again!”

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Live and Let (Willow) Live

Thankfully, there remains a ginormous reason that General Hospital may go the other way and spare Willow: It has yet to play the reveal that she is Nina’s long-lost biological daughter and Nelle’s sister. No way on Earth would the soap pass up the opportunity to roll out the fireworks that that would set off. No way or Mars, Jupiter or any other planet, either!

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The revelation that these two women who can’t stand each other are actually tied and have unknowingly been connected all along… It’s daytime gold! So fingers crossed that Willow will end up needing bone marrow or something, and Carly will be forced to confess that, um, she knows someone who might be a match.

What do you think? Will the show save Willow or put us through the saddest death since it killed off Bobbie and Tony’s little girl all those years ago? On your way to the comments…

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