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Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

No telescope needed. We can all see what’s coming. General Hospital is readying to return Lulu to the canvas. Her ex Dante and his new love Sam have gotten over their relationship hiccup. Everything is both hunky and dory for the couple. In other words, yep, it’s time.

When it happens — and we are so sure that it’s going to that we’re saying when and not if — we hope, hope, hope the show proves that it’s learned from the mistake that it made when it resurrected Jason. You’ll recall that when he was brought back and Drew was revealed to be his twin brother, not Stone Cold himself, we all thought that we were in for an epic triangle between Sam and the sibling rivals.

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We all thought wrong. So little longing was played that instead of passionately championing one pairing or the other, we began wondering not where this was leading but if it was leading anywhere at all. General Hospital can’t do that again with Sam, Dante and Lulu.

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Before Laura’s daughter slipped into a coma, she was on the verge of telling her former husband that she still loved him. And he obviously still loved her. So when she returns to Port Charles, we’re going to need to see that desire, that yearning. We’re going to have to feel Dante’s angst as he’s torn in two, pulled in one direction toward the love of his life and in the other toward the amazing woman who mended his broken heart.

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